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Located in the heart of Westport, I think you'll find that the fitness at Overland Park will never be the same. Shawnee Mission houses some of the best fitness and fitness facilities in Kansas City, Kansas. Here's a look at some of my favourite fitness spots in Leawood, and it's right on the KC tram route if you put your fingertips on it.

Minsky's locations vary in terms of opportunities to watch sports, but they all have plenty of boxes to see your favorite games. I chose the Northland, Leawood and Lee's Summit locations, which promise to see games in sequence at Northland. When I started, they were all chosen for their great food, great service, good prices and great atmosphere.

Enjoy a sprinkling - inspired cocktail of dark rum and Kansas City will seem a long way off, but get ready for a night of music tied to its heritage. Order one of their delicious burgers, a wide selection of beer and wine and enjoy a good meal and a nice drink, such as the "strawberries and rums," a streaky - inspiring cocktail made of dark rum.

Visit the historic Hilton President's Downtown for a visit to the Drum Room Lounge, where the legendary Kansas City rock'n "roll band, the Bluegrass Band, holds court.

The Green Lady Lounge in the Crossroads neighborhood offers free access seven nights a week. This cozy lounge celebrates Kansas City's rich jazz history, and almost every day of the week there is live music from the legendary bluegrass band and other local bands. With its famous steaks and fresh seafood, Gaslight Grill also features live performances by the band's legendary bass player and Kansas City-born clarinet player Billie Holiday, as well as its signature cocktails.

CrossroadsKC, now in its ninth season, hosts dozens of open-air concerts each year at Crossroads Park in the heart of downtown Kansas City.

Culture vultures will want to watch 50 big-screen TVs in the parking lot of Crossroads Park. Forget the $50-plus big-screen TVs that cheer the sport, the sportier types can't go, but the culture vulture will.

Voltaire's has become a favourite of the KC, with its robust, handsome bar staffed by experienced mixologists. Enjoy the best people - watch with a glass of wine and a few draught beers for $10. Finally, try the Westport Cafe & Bar, which includes a $10-a-head steak fries, and pretend to be canoeing with your love at this romantic French bistro on the left bank.

This luxurious lounge serves champagne in a fireplace on a balcony overlooking the river and offers magnificent views of the Kansas City skyline and the city.

The location of the golf course is a major attraction for people living in the states of Missouri and Kansas, as it is located right on the state line between the two. We made a short stop at Dave & Buster's at Legends Outlets Kansas City, where we ate delicious food and drinks.

We enjoyed a beautiful outdoor area on the second level overlooking the Crossroads District, as well as some good food and drinks. Kanza Hall on One Block South is the place to get serious about dancing and country and rock, while BB Lawnside BBQ has been serving some of the best barbecues in Kansas City for over 20 years, with a wide selection of BBQ, BBQ ribs and roasted ends. Dancers and vintage lovers can dance salsa every Friday and swing every Saturday and Sunday night. This family-friendly place offers a wide range of food, drinks and entertainment for all ages, from children to adults.

Harry's has something for everyone, with a drinks menu that includes a wide selection of beers, wines, cocktails and a variety of food. The interesting cocktails prepared by the nationally renowned bartender Sean Moriarty make this the perfect place to enjoy live music in this historic former salon.

The pinstripes at Prairiefire take bowling to a new level with an upscale venue offering a wide selection of bowling alleys, a full bar and a great menu and drinks menu. It's hard to beat the music, paired with the clubby panelling and decoration of this upscale bowling alley in the heart of Leawood.

Irish Pub on Country Club Plaza, you can have it all in this authentic Irish pub on the square with a full bar and a great menu and drinks menu.

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